Impossible to forget Cassette @Seikomart

12 01 2018

dreyt nien - Impossible to forget
Limited Edition Cassette Tape Drops 1.12 9PM(EST)/1.13 11AM(JAT)

60分の新世界…dreyt nienのカセットテープは今週末発売です☆

Dreyt Nien // Impossible to forget // signalwave vaporwave

Sunbleach // Impossible to forget

20 11 2017


Here’s some signalwave played straight by dreyt nien on an album called Impossible to Forget. This album’s thirty-one tracks include a variety of extremely short snippets that are repeated and affected with a lo-fi production sheen. It’s a bit more twisted and noisy than the morose surreality of Infinity Frequencies’ Computer trilogy. Recommended for fans of PURE TRANCE by INTERNET CLUB. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.


lo-fi vaporwave

Impossible to forget

28 10 2017

Memories Overlooked: A Tribute To The Caretaker

28 10 2017

"Isn't, in fact, theoretically pure anterograde amnesia the postmodern condition par excellence? The present - broken, desolated is constantly erasing itself, leaving few traces. Things catch your attention for a while but you do not remember them for very long. But old memories persist, intact... Constantly commemorated... I love 1923..." - Mark Fisher 'Ghosts Of My Life' 

"Memories Overlooked: A Tribute To The Caretaker", is a collaborative effort of over 90 artists, paying tribute to the visionary works of Leyland Kirby -- in particular his Caretaker project, a long-running ambient affair exploring memory, nostalgia, and more recently, the effects of dementia. In proper fashion, this compilation was diagnosed with having early onset dementia, and is mixed and arranged in accordance with the advancement of the disease. Every passing hour, to quote Mr. Kirby in regards to his 'Everywhere At The End Of Time' series, "will reveal new points of progression, loss and disintegration. Progressively falling further and further towards the abyss of complete memory loss and nothingness." The project began as a compilation for the fans, by the fans - yet upon receiving numerous submissions from artists whose family members had battled with dementia, it seemed to take on a more meaningful purpose. 

100% of the digital proceeds of this compilation will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association (, who for 37 years, have been advancing research to end Alzheimer's and dementia while enhancing care for those living with the disease. The prestigious No Problema Tapes will be releasing an exclusive run of 4x cassette box sets before the end of the year. (stay sharp...) 

Tonight, let's all raise a golden drink to Leyland Kirby, aka The Caretaker. We know the score. 

Exclusive 4x cassette box sets will be available via No Problema Tapes in the coming months: 


TINY MIX TAPES (announcement) 

FACT MAGAZINE (announcement) 


released October 27, 2017 

All tracks composed / produced / re-purposed by their respective artists. Curated and mastered by Nmesh. Original artwork "House Of Aminadab" (acrylic, 2000) by Nmesh. Huge thanks to all who contributed... 

Video trailer by FookedonHonix:

LaserDisc, be unforgettable

06 10 2017

LaserDisc, be unforgettable

Hyperspace Collapse 1+2 C60 ΞVΛPORΛTΞ BLUE Edition Cassette

18 09 2017

Cassette available, with both part of Hypersapce Collapse


cassette dreyt nien

Hyperspace Collapse 2

07 09 2017

Hyperspace Collapse 1+2

06 09 2017

Hyperspace Collapse 1

Hyperspace Collapse 2

Hyperspace Collapse

18 07 2017

New album out on cassettes @ Analog Minimum :



Dreyt Nien Hyperspace Collapse

Disembodied Voice Of A Person I Couldn't See

17 07 2017

Dreyt Nien - Dance Of The Compass Rose (video mix)

28 05 2017

from the album, Solar Wind

Holographic Maze

20 03 2017

Black Holism

20 03 2017

unlocking the vault

15 03 2017

unlocking the vault

Les Rivieres De La Nuit, japanese limited edition

12 03 2017

les rivières de la nuit japanese limited edition


Paris, Live Modularium 28.01.17

23 02 2017

Dreyt Nien Live

Holographic Maze

20 02 2017

Holographic Maze

Mini album : Neuroleaks (Neurodrone Vol.2)

20 02 2017

Dematerialized Nights

14 01 2017

Neurodrones Vol.1

28 12 2016

special psychiatric edition sold out 

you can still find some last copies of the cassette on ERR REC bandcamp :


Vers Du Silence

25 12 2016

Dreyt Nien est un monde sonore étrange.
Aux commandes de ce projet de drones entêtants, de sculptures linéaires et emballants le silence, Dawid Huck. Ce sorcier et alchimiste contemporain nous entraine dans un univers baroque, abolissant les frontières de l'espace/temps.
Ses voyages, enivrants et hypnotiques, sont autant de tableaux et de découvertes auditives.
Là où coulent ses pistes musicales s'ouvrent autant de déserts que d'étendues urbaines...
Nous partons du connu pour l'inconnu.

Neurodrones Vol.1, dernier projet en date, est sorti en décembre.
Utilisant comme support exclusif les cassettes à petite bande, Dawid Huck complémente ainsi l'expérience musicale par l'objet. Dans cette production, son élaboration particulière a été construite et pensée comme un concept global.



The Prismatic Pyramid

17 12 2016


11 11 2016

artwork by Floria Nodella


C60 Fields Of Uncertainty

06 11 2016

This is a special deal.

What you hear on this page is only an example, it is not what it will be recorder on the tape. 

You will get a 2x30 minutes random audio piece from me, mostly generative music, probably full of electronic sounds, glitches, haunted vocals ; recorded on an aqua reel-to-reel tape, specially made and performed for your purchase.

Each tape is unique. 

You enter in an uncertainty field, may be you will like it, may be not, then you still get a nice tape you can record something else on.

Comes with a card, photo, polaroïd, a collage, dry flowers or drawing or anything else I found around.


31 10 2016

threadraw reality

04 07 2016

DivKid's month of modular 8

30 05 2016


DivKid's month of modular 8



This is nowhere

30 05 2016

dreyt nien this is nowhere

Psychopods video

30 05 2016

extract of mine new tape released by ERR-REC

special edition here :


Cassette Gods, les rivieres de la nuit

27 05 2016

There’s an ancient proverb that goes, “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Those who intoned these mystical words forgot one important thing – in space, no one can hear you do anything. No one can hear you jog along the corridor of your spacecraft. No one can hear you prepare your space food in the galley. No one can hear you practice your modular synthesizer in your cabin. It’s space fact – there’s no freaking sound.

Fortunately, in space, everyone can hear Dreyt Nien for some reason, because Dreyt Nien has the ability to transcend physical limitations. Or maybe my enthusiasm for Alien references led me down a rabbit hole I’ll never escape. Either way, Dreyt Nien does have the ability to transmit his modular synthesizer compositions in a wavelength that’s translatable to the human ear, and we’re all the better for it. The mysterious French composer has a distinct and possibly disturbing fascination with the outer limits of the human ability to adapt to non-Earth conditions, and that combination of isolation and discovery serves to focus Les Rivières de la Nuit (“Rivers of the Night” – am I the only one getting the deep space vibe, then?) in enthralling ways.
Les Rivières de la Nuit recalls modular synth maestros ranging from Morton Subotnick to Keith Fullerton Whitman, and can find modern tape-scene equivalents in the work of Hollowfonts, Mortuus Auris and the Black Hand, and the White Reeves Productions crew. The tape varies within a defined space, not veering too far beyond “chilling” or “tense,” if at all. There’s the creeping miasma of the title track, the percussive dread of “Psychopods,” the decaying AI of “Ici Sont Des Dragons,” and the minuscule malfunctions threatening disaster of “Dix Neuf Abîmes.” I think it’s safe to say that Dreyt Nien has harnessed a distinct vibe.

If there was ever a moment to remind you that you should always take every precaution while on a maintenance spacewalk outside your craft, now’s the time, because Les Rivières de la Nuit is the soundtrack to everything going wrong, resulting in your permanent separation.  There’s no more safety after that. Maybe your comm will work for a little while as you drift, watching your ship get smaller and smaller as it moves away from you, and you can talk to your crewmates to give your good-byes. Or maybe you will scream, in panic, until there’s only static. The possibilities are endless! Let Dreyt Nien guide you to your doom, possibly in the form of getting hit by a passing asteroid.
Oh, uh, tapes are sold out from the label, better hit up the artist page, and quick!


Dreyt Nien

--Ryan Masteller

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