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Firmware Update[modifier]

For many days I was Pamela's bitch. Either she wouldn't animate, or she'd animate for a couple of seconds and then settle into Err.

If Ms. Workout does this to you, try a different playback source. Hint: don't use the headphone out of an M-Audio Microtrak.

Once you get the right source, you should either get a slow animation at the wrong volume or a fast animation at the right one that doesn't get interrupted.

What worked for me:

iPad with AVPlayer, transfer wav over using http server, play at full volume into 1/8" stereo plug to 1/4" breakout, signal is in left channel into Doepfer A119, set gain just counterclockwise from 1, audio out into Pamela's Workout clock

I used an Intellijel uScale to calibrate the signal at just under 10V Peak-to-Peak centered on 0V. You can do this by selecting bank 12, pressing the Scale button for three seconds to enter scale shift mode, setting the switch to bi-polar, and then plugging the test signal into the "shift" plug. All of the LEDs should light except for the very top one. The one below the top one should be red, and the second below should be green.

Mazel tov!