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MakeNoise Quad Multi-Mode Gate known as QMMG[modifier]

(discontinued as of summer 2010)


A huge riff on the original Buchla 292 Quad Lo Pass Gate, including a Mix Out and containing no fewer than 8 vactrols! The QMMG offers the additional features of High Pass Gate mode, Voltage Controlled Feedback, Direct Coupling (for processing of Control Voltages) and Normalizations so that multiple channels may easily be used together to create Bandpass Gates, steeper HP or LP Gates or even something like a traditional Synthesizer Voice Architecture.

QMMG normalization.jpeg

The voltage controlled feedback is routed differently in each mode. In VCA mode it is routed to provide slightly non-linear GAIN. Daisy chain multiple channels for voltage controlled clipping. In BOTH Mode the feedback is routed to provide DAMPING of the ringing vactrols. The effect of adding feedback in BOTH mode is not unlike placing your hand upon the head of a drum, while striking, thus allowing the user to control how much the Vactrols ring. In the LP and HP modes, the feedback is routed to provide a highly unstable, non-linear resonance, which at higher settings, will clip asymmetrically. The filter is slippery and smooth at low resonance settings, but it cuts like a choir of daggers at high resonance settings.

The benefit of Direct Coupling is that a channel of the QMMG could be used to attenuate or amplify an incoming CV before applying to another channel. The mixing section is set-up so that inserting a plug at the output socket of any given channel removes that channel from the mix, therefore you could use one half of the QMMG for voltage controlled mixing of CVs to apply to the other half being utilized for signal processing.

This module is 24HP and consumes 60mA worth of current. Not Currently available.

10x attenuation Jumper Mod[modifier]

Posted: Thu May 28, 2009 4:19 pm Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List Hello,

the jumper is the solder bridge type. I have a picture that explains this, in the manual:

I have attached a picture to this post as well.

If you do not have soldering experience or proper tools, please have a qualified technician do this job, or contact me for assistance. It is pretty easy to do, consuming all of 30 seconds, but some people are really dangerous with soldering irons.

If you are going to purchase a QMMG at some point in the future, and you would like to receive your unit with this bridge in place, contact your distributor, let them know, and I will arrange for a QMMG to ship with bridge in place.

In the future, direct questions regarding my products to me directly:

I don't always check the forums, but I offer quick email response all day, almost everyday.



Qmmg10xattenuationjumpersmall 199.jpg