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Reflex LiveLoop[modifier]

Reflex LiveLoop

ShortCut List Memo[modifier]

Action Operation
long press REC stop PR record and/or play
long press PLAY stop play fx
P.SEL while playfx fine tune for ST/GM/POS as well as END/SIZE, and while Stutter is fine Stutter thumbs up
Modes & effects
Action Operation
MODE+P.SEL enter in broken echo mode, Echo LED will slowly flash
G-Move mode, REC button, then PLAY live pitch shift, Rate control pitch-shift the audio
hold the P.SEL button > 1 second enter in Stutter mode, the 2 red PlayFX LEDs will light
tap the loop button, then within 2 sec the Psel button, Once in DJ mode, just tap Play button as usual . To exit DJ mode, just tap the P.SEL button to return to the normal PlayFX modes. enter in DJ Mode mode, the 2 red PlayFX LEDs will light, This PlayFX allows panning through the sample in forward and reverse with the top PlayFX knob, or with a bipolar CV offset, and the bottom knob is a Slew control, also with a CV offset. The knob/CV access to move around the sample actually changes the Rate/speed from center either way, forward or reverse so simulates a record platter being turned.
Action Operation
>1s press SLICE stop play slice
>4s press SLICE erase all slices
SLICE + REC while in SLICE SEL mode enter into Slice Sequencer, SLICE add a step, then REC to play the seq, press SLICE >1s to exit
PLAY and within 1sec REC while playfx on a playing slice edit and save the slice from the playing loop, including the rate if changed.
move RATE (slice sel), then SLICE and within 1sec REC while playfx on a playing slice copy the slice to the new slice position (By re-entering PlayFX, the original Slice can be recalled and saved if this is accidental)
PlayFX knobs all the way to the left, Play Slice, PlayFx then REC within 1s remove the slice
Settings & Menus
Action Operation
REC T/F/C button for 1 second until all of the LED Circle flashes setting the Clock Divider with rate button
press and hold SLICE + REC to erase the entire memory, all of the LED circle, will light as when erasing Slices, but for about 2 seconds.
>4s press SLICE SEL (don't release when the LED circle flashes, wait another second then release) enter in config menu
long press on EQ SEL go to Flash8 menu to save (REC), erase (SLICE), load (PLAY) a session


  • PlayFX Clock Trigger Output If the REC T/F/C trigger input is switched to CLK, each PlayFX loop will output a trigger.
  • Slice Clock Trigger Output If REC T/F/C trigger input is switched to CLK, slice loops will output a trigger pulse that can be used to sync other

modules to the Reflex LiveLoop! The TRIG LED will flash to indicate a trigger output.

  • Slice overdub: Slice playing then REC overdubs slice with new audio+slice playing, make sure the Feedback control is turned UP TO MAX as this is how the PlayFX audio will get back into the sampler