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This is it, kids. This is the crazy future music that your parents warned you about. Cryosleep is a new full-length from dreyt nien, exclusively released on the Japanese label Seikomart. Cryosleep incorporates vaporwave, vaporhop, and modern electronica in a way that doesn’t really conform to any standard of subgenre, so good luck on this album description actually saying anything right. The record incorporates a variety of samples, especially spoken word portions, and frequently includes polyrhythmic percussion loops with different sources layered on one another, akin to some forms of ’06-’09 UK garage music. There are several icy ambient sections (e.g. “music for freezers”, and the pun was not intentional) and others that elicit early IDM/Autechre (e.g. “neuro punk memeplex recombinaison”). Choice track is the first, “nouvelle vie”. The album is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

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