Open for entries in the AIRBOAT mix!

Airbot Mix Vaporwave Haunting Electronic Experimental Dreampunk

Open for entries in the AIRBOAT mix!


We are collecting tracks to integrate into a mix that we will produce and deliver occasionally as a Premiere on youtube + a track on Bandcamp, and sometimes a cassettes/minidisc.

This will be a continuous stream of music, it will allow our fans to discover your project, so share your best tracks.

Follow our bandcamp, premieres will be announced there.


how to enter :

please drop your files here :


rules :

You can drop one track per alias every 3 months.

We will periodically review the collected tracks and include them in a mix, no specific date or period, it depends on the material we receive.

You will not be informed if we have retained your track or not, just check the next release.

Check our releases on Bandcamp to see what kind of music we like, if it's in this style/genre/mood there's a good chance we'll accept it, but it can be a totally different genre, surprise us! that's cool too. Don't be disappointed or angry if we reject your track, just try another track 3 months later.

We will mix the songs a bit like a radio show or a kind of megamix, so your song may not appear in full or may be partially mixed with another.

Format the file name as follows

your alias - song title.wav (flac, mp3...)
so that it is easy and fast for us to know who the artist is and to mention her/him in the tracklist. You can also add a text file with additional information that we will add to the tracklist.

format your track name title for the megamix

When your track is successfully uploaded, you will receive a confirmation email from Dropbox.

Be creative and show us a new direction, we love to hear the music of the future.

We will try to not loose your data (no warranty).


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#1  - 雨天 migraine said :

Hello, this is 雨天 migraine, I am looking forward to the release of Airboatmix.


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