The Ultimate Sample Pack for Signalwave Producers Volume 1 - call for entries

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✅ Collecting tracks - done dec 5
✅Checking tracks, define order, Mastering- estimated January February
🪄Artwork, Design - estimated end of January February
⏳Duplication - estimated end of February
⏳Release date March 8


We are collecting tracks for a Signalwave (Broken Transmission) compilation, digital/cassettes/minidisc.

Lets make the ultimate sample pack library for Signalwave producers and the best and most obscure Broken Transmission compilation!

signalwave sample pack compilation


I was obsessed lately by the idea of a signalwave sample pack on cassette/minidisc, which is fake, could look like a sample pack at first sight, but is actually the best and most obscure signalwave compilation ever.

how to enter:

please drop your files here :

genre: Broken Transmission, Signalwave, melancholic, emotional, obscure, vibrant fragile, or raw and mechanical sound collage, mostly soft, samples, found sounds from old VHS, tape or processed, shortwave radio, or more abstract space signal (non-exhaustive list, let your creativity explore other domains and sources)


Keep you track short (4-5 minutes is still ok, but not 35 minutes)

You can submit multiple tracks if you like so we can keep the one which matches the best, but please don't submit a full album.

Format the file name as follows:

your alias - song title.wav (flac, mp3,aif, ra, xm, mod,xi...)
so that it is easy and fast for us to know who the artist is and to mention her/him in the tracklist.

You can submit tracks, info pictures withing a zip file, this would be the easiest way to track who is who and how to credit the artist (it's a good idea let your email somewhere in can we need to contact you).

You can drop us a message afterward if you want to add more information or ask any question using our Bandcamp Contact form :

DEADLINE : mid September 2023

The compilation should have a duration lower than 74 minutes, we may have to reject some tracks if we get too many, don't be disappointed or angry if we reject your track, there will be further opportunities and it doesn't mean the track is bad. In general, it's more a question of mood and the overall coherence of the compilation (which is difficult to guess from the outside).

Thank you ! We will make a great sample pack that will help many signalwave producers all around the world to make even more incredible signalwave albums and push the genre beyond it's limits. And don't forget:






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