Tokyo, Osaka, Kofu by No Death

No Death Tokyo Osaka Kofu cassette minidisc Tokyo, Osaka, Kofu by No Death cassette


"This album is inspired by my experiences during a tour throughout Japan in July of 2019. It's dedicated to all my dear friends, artists, venues, and everyone who showed me the kindest of hospitality.
Thank you for the fun, laughs, performances, and your hard work that made such events possible. Thank you to Japan, the most wonderful country in the world.
Further: Yuta, Joe, Shuta, Joshua, Nao, Kana, Otooto, Knock Koenji, Environment 0g, Atmosphere -Space- and many more…"
— No Death



released January 29, 2021

first released January 25, 2020 by Sounds Against Humanity

thank you to Sounds Against Humanity

tracks written and produced + photos by Jack Duros (No Death)

mastered by Edoardo Cammisa

artist bandcamp :

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