🌊 Why Underwater Computing_ ?

from virtual to real, internet leaks into you real mailbox

It was the new thing, during the 90' and begin 2k we experienced a wide movement, the movement of virtualization, mostly everything had a virtual double into the cyber world, virtual mails, virtual chats, virtual identity, virtual worlds, this movement created a completely new world which became to have his own life, remember second life and other games, until a point, the virtual world didn't have anything to do with reality anymore, at this point strange cultural objects such as hauntology, vaporwave, dreampunk emerged, the first musical genres totaly virtual and created online. And now a couple of year later, we are making this virtual life real by bringing in the real world those musical gems created online, this is the internet backflow.

It is the opposite movement, the virtual world now conquers the real world, and our mission is to make it possible, like a 3D printer, we render the cyberdream, build now the real double of the virtual reality, make this connection again, and finaly, merge the virtuality and the reality again, it's all in your head they say.

This is what we send you all around the world, sample realization of music on cassettes, minidiscs, vinyls, floppies, and anything artistic support in the best way possible. Support internet artist with as great and beautifull as possible realization of the music, Graphic Design for Promotional sample products like physical releases, this is what we make.


🌊 Shipping Info

Est. within 10 days to ship. but mostly faster, often the same day

Please keep in mind that it can take up to four weeks before your package arrives!

Shipment is insured.

Orders until 2 items are sent out without tracking option.
From 3 items and/or expensive package you get a tracking number.

Need to change an address? Please make sure your address is already updated to the correct address. You can change the address through Bandcamp and if that doesn't work make sure to email us ASAP. We work during Europe - Paris hours. Most of the time we can change an address within the hour after purchase; not after you received shipment notification!

Shipped via La Poste


🌊 Return Policy

Once orders have shipped, we do not take returns.

If you change your mind we can refund if not shipped, we can refund only the part we get, Bandcamp and Paypal won't refund their fees.

Slightly damaged goods will not be refunded or accepted.

Check your item immediately after received it,
and * within 3 months after we ship * :

* If your case arrives cracked, we can refund you 1 euro to cover a new one at your own discretion.

* Other problem please email us, we answer each message, send another message if we missed it (rare but can happen), and we find a solution for each issue.

Support is no longer guaranteed 3 months after shipment, but we will try to help

please use the Bandcamp form to contact us.