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E350 Morphing Terrarium mini expander

01 mars 2012 - Aucun commentaire

Synthesis Technologies E350 Morphing Terrarium mini expander 1HP


E350 has 2 jumper under the hood, not accessible via the panel. This expander make them accessible.

The factory mode is Matrix/Morph.

In Matrix mode Morph X and Morph Y button set X/Y wave to XY out, X/Y are like coordinates on a chess board 8x8. Morph Z, linear wave coordinates, positions from 1 to 64, the out is Z out.

Glitch mode delivers the wave regarding the XYZ positions, Morph mode gives you a morphing while you are in between two positions.

In phase mode XY out and Z out delivers the same wave regarding the Z position 1 to 64. The XY out is phase shifted by morph X pot, and attenuated by morph Y (bipolar)


updated links !


jumper 7 matrix/phase selector
jumper 8 morph/glitch Selector

Now you can easily change from Matrix to Phase mode, and glitch to morph, have fun.

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