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Transmission D4069-1TZAM VCO & Ring Modulator

Rédigé par TheBot - 22 novembre 2013 - 4 commentaires

Construction d'un module double oscillateur entièrement réalisé à la main avec simplement des composants électroniques, un fer à souder et un tournevis.

Hand made double oscillator !

playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW8DPbHpmeE&list=PL54NASqAHmsRy0irtset_00ty3RKAztgk


Wikipedia : One of the earliest musical instruments utilizing a ring modulator may be the Melochord (1947) built by Harald Bode. It was a two-tone melody keyboard instrument with foot controllers and later added a second keyboard for timbre control, featuring a white-noise generator, envelope controller, formant filters and ring modulators for harmonics. The early Melochord was extensively used by Werner Meyer-Eppler in the early days of the electronic music studio at Bonn University.

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